Understanding the features of Escrow Protocol

Escrow Protocol
4 min readDec 21, 2021


Escrow Protocol is a decentralized trust fund, which combines traditional crowdfunding and Blockchain technology, as well as easy-to-engage smart contracts, as a means of delivering a one stop solution for clients investment and fundraising needs.

Many start-up projects seek funding, but are unsure where to begin.

With Escrow Protocol, the projects can lay out Roadmap milestones and timelines according to their actual capacity, as well as contingencies based on realistic performance targets, which in turn help to establish measurable criteria for delivering payments upon only fulfillable promises. Simply put, Escrow Protocol’s incremental funding system allows for funding allocations to be managed post-raise with milestone-based micropayments and unprecedented investor oversight.

This All-in-1 Investment hub boasts the best available DeFi practices like Staking, Yield-Farm allocations, Governance Rights and NFT Verification and much much more. Let’s have a closer look at each of these features:

NFT Implementations on the Escrow Protocol:

When people hear NFTs, they mostly think of Artwork, and while that is a great portion of the current NFT applications, it is only a tiny portion of the true capabilities Non-Fungible-Tokens hold. In the case of ESCROW, we utilize NFTs to store contractual data between Investor and Project and will mint unique Identification and Reward Badges for the investor community.

These features are focused on creating a Non-fungible token (NFT) collection. How this will work is that the NFT’s that are created will be split in two ownership sections. Half, will be distributed to various venture capitalists, while the other half will form part of an Ambassador Campaign, where users will need to fulfill minimum basic tasks (such as sign up to a newsletter, or tweet something) to be able to take part in a lottery, and through this lottery you will get a particular NFT from the Escrow Collection.

An NFT will be given to the investor that outlines the amounts of ESCROW released as per the respective vesting schedule. Holders can claim their unvested ESCROW through the NFT and can even be transferred to another holder, allowing for the sale of still vested ESCROW tokens on the marketplace. This gives holders the flexibility of withdrawing / claiming non-vested ESCROW to various addresses, as long as the NFT is in possession.

This NFT, will provide the owner certain benefits, that will allow them to enter particular chats or levels of chats, additional percentage for certain activities — such as instant boosting for their staking, higher allocations, investor score boost and extra percentage bonus for the NFT holder.

Distribution event

As one looks closer at the distribution event that has been laid out for this, one sees the following:

  • The distribution date is set for the 27th of December 2021
  • The event itself is the actual distribution of tokens.
  • This will be a Polygon based (and distributed among our investors)
  • There will be mechanics in place, whereby a certain amount of the tokens will need to be burn before users are able to interact with the contract, and claim their tokens.
Image credit Coinbase

Staking of ESCROW Tokens:

In addition, there will be an option of token staking. The feature of token staking has become more widely used, and is growing in popularity. How it works: You lock your assets for a set period of time and for doing this are rewarded with additional tokens, that gives you additional value and profits from staking.
Every staking action will be monitored and will be impacting your Investor Scores that will ultimately define your possibility to participate in projects.

Escrow Protocol will be available to be staked on Matic, and we will add other networks further on.

A Bonus will be given for early stakers, meaning that unvested ESCROW tokens that are directly moved to the staking platform, will be additionally rewarded.

Our token will be at first on the following chains:Polygon and Fantom.

While Escrow Protocol’s incremental funding system allows for ICO funding to be managed post-raise with milestone-based micropayments and unprecedented investor oversight, this is just the start of what this All-in-1 Investment hub can do.

Cleaning up the Crypto Space: From Memecoins to Market Expert

We see it everyday, people investing in coins with no fundamental values, just hype and empty promises. 90% of people lose their money and get a bad taste for crypto. This is where the ESCROW Bat will come and lead inexperienced investors onto the right path.
The ESCROW Bat has been summoned to earth to infiltrate the Meme Communities and give them a helping hand to step out of the dark universe of s*#!t coins and start learning about real investment opportunities that will advance them and the entire crypto space to a better future.

The ESCROW Bat is disguised as a Memecoin, but with the underlying intention of making investors in these communities aware of other investment alternatives that will prevent them from being scammed, rugpulled or just all out making better educated decisions to invest in crypto projects with a real future.

We are proud to be working side by side with the ESCROW Bat to clean up the crypto universe and making room for the projects that will give ROI to investors and brings advancements to the crypto space.



Escrow Protocol

Decentralized Trust Fund with Controlled Payout Release Functions via Smart-Contracts