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Learn about our exciting new hires

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As Escrow Protocol rapidly progresses through its exciting roadmap, it is not only experiencing technological advancement and financial achievement, but the growth and expansion of our team too.

We wouldn’t be encountering such success without the top talent of our team members, and we’re proud to announce the appointment of two new Escrow Protocol staffers.

We’re thrilled that these dedicated, passionate individuals are getting involved to help Escrow Protocol grow.

Belen Lizana — Marketing Strategist and Social Media Commnuity Manager


Based in Spain/UK, Belen will be acting as our Marketing Strategist & Social Media Community Manager, helping to foster engagement with all of our stakeholders along with responsibility for launching our upcoming ambassador program!

“I can’t wait to meet you all!” — Belen

Welcome to the team, Belen. We’re glad you’re here to help.

Up next is a key player for our future growth.

Eric Gersten — Full Stack Blockchain Engineer & Developer

“I am an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history of building solutions for tough challenges across industries. Skilled in full-stack web/mobile development, blockchain/cryptocurrency, cloud-native architectures, and user experience design. I’m always seeking to apply technology in new and creative ways to make work more purposeful and peaceful.”

Welcome to the team Eric, we’re excited to have you on board.

Embracing Portuguese Culture

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

As part of Escrow Protocol’s roadmap, the leadership team decided that Portugal should be a key part of our brand identity due to its embracing of the potential of cryptocurrency.

We’ve set up a small office with administration capabilities and accountants in Portugal including:

Marcia & Carla Coutinho — experts in tax and regulation with a keen interest in cryptocurrency.

“We’ve joined Escrow Protocol to ensure the progress of cryptocurrency in Portgual.”

Carla is involved in the town hall of Aveiro, and she aims to assist politicians in understanding the importance of cryptocurrency.

Marcia Countinho

Shortly we’ll be announcing the appointment of even more exciting roles and expansions to our operations in Portugal. Please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss any updates. What we CAN tell you is that a team of lawyers have taken a special interest in our project and have some exciting plans for the future in order to lead us, as a company, to a place whereby the industry is ready for mass and institutional adoption.

What happens next? Coming Soon:

With a larger team, we can make even larger commitments to our investors and followers, so we’re delighted to announce upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the team!

We will conduct this via Twitter and Telegram with the link going out soon, so keep your eyes peeled. You can email your questions to and the best 10 questions will share a $500 prize pool.

As you may know if you have been following our news, we are registered on Coingecko and are now registering with Coin Market Cap so we can run our first airdrop!

We’re sure you’ll agree: it’s an awesome time to get involved with Escrow Protocol.

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