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Escrow Protocol
5 min readAug 30, 2021

Dennis Schulte (CEO)

Dennis was born 30 years ago near Munich, Germany, where he lived until the age of 14. The family of 4, then moved to British Columbia, Canada, starting a new life in North America. After 5 years of exploring various cities, they decided to move to Toronto where the family business had many construction sites.

Since he was 16, Dennis was involved in the family business, which manufactured, distributed, and installed a proprietary foundation technology called “Ground Screws” and created the global brand “BAYO-S” and his own installation company, building some of the first utility-scale photovoltaic (solar) systems in Canada.

In March 2020, due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, he got introduced to cryptocurrency trading and found great success in this vastly unexplored arena. Having fallen in love with crypto and making it his full-time occupation, Dennis decided to start investing in crypto ICOs.
After having invested funds based on great promises and seemingly good value propositions, he then realized that nothing offered investors any kind of protection, with no governing entity in place that would hold projects responsible to deliver on the promises that were made to raise funds.

“I have never been part of a full-on rug-pull, but several projects I have participated in made no efforts to deliver on their promises after having raised Millions. Not even bothered putting customer support in place. These were the things that shocked me, how companies can raise so much money and then do absolutely nothing for it. When you then go to complain, all that happens is you get blocked off their Telegram Chat” — Dennis Schulte

After the last investment experience of this kind, he and Guillaume Provent (CTO & Co-Founder) came up with the idea of offering a fundraising platform that would solve these issues by the default nature of the system. This was the birth of ESCROW PROTOCOL. It has now become their mission to establish this project as a key component of cryptocurrency investment as a whole, offering the great benefits of Blockchain technology and DeFi to the masses.

“I want to offer a platform where people can trust the investment they made has all the chances of success, and potential loss can be reduced as much as possible. We have existing technologies in place to facilitate this service, it is our mission now to package it into a user-friendly web platform for a global audience of investors.”

Guillaume Provent (CTO and Systems Architecht)

Guillaume working in 2006, until he finally built his own company in France, which he sold to move to Prague in 2012. This country gave him many listening and extra social understanding skills, allowing him to go for duty in December 2016 for the Sri Lankan government for over a year while managing a boutique hotel.

He discovered crypto with Bitcoin in 2013, and started learning about blockchain technology, and saw the potential it had. He then discovered Ethereum and understood the power it had and the possibilities it could create.

Guillaume started investing in some DpoS networks and ran a few nodes in other projects. In 2018, he wanted to participate in this internet change, so he continued studying in order to be able to build his own ideas; always having the aim to make the world a better place.

He studied traditional web development, and after a few years, Provent validated a BTS (BAC +2 degree BTEC Higher National Diploma).

After that, Escrow’s CTO went on to study a Cybersecurity BACHELOR’S DEGREE, orienting development with cybersecurity specialization. (Licence / BAC+3) (EU level 6). Now, he’s starting another engineering degree in software architecture to understand the full structure and how things are handled, he’s also planning to learn solidity and other programming languages.

He met Dennis while investing in an AI company, which turned out to be a scam by not delivering their promises. It was then when they thought that they should be the ones to solve the scamming issues inside the cryptocurrency industry.

Ignacio Cuñado (Community Manager)

Escrow’s new community manager, Ignacio Cuñado was introduced to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by Sergio Verdugo; and immediately saw the potential it had. He therefore started investing in top altcoins, but he saw that he could make even more gains with newly launched projects in their presale stages. After investing in some failed presales; he saw a problem with fraudulent teams and scams.

He believed that working as a Community Manager for projects would help bring trust from the community; as his goal was to increase transparency and communication from the team, whilst managing marketing campaigns and increasing community engagement. When Ignacio found out about The Escrow Protocol he saw a massive opportunity and believed it would be the project to end one of the biggest crypto problems.

Ignacio Cuñado will be the person in charge of the official Escrow social media accounts (linked below) and will also be the one in charge of creating a big, united and engaged community of investors.


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Sergio Verdugo and Josh Robinson (BProto Advisors)

Based in Malaga, Spain, and with lots of experience in the crypto world; Sergio Verdugo founded the BProto organization along with Josh Robinson to advise new cryptocurrency projects and introduce Butterfly Protocol’s technology. Examples of these include Butterfly Protocol, Cortex App, and The Escrow Protocol.

Former Butterfly Protocol chief architect Josh Robinson is a developer with over 25 years of experience in coding. Based in the US, Josh has worked in the development of various blockchain projects like the previously mentioned Butterfly Protocol and Cortex App.

Sergio and Josh were amazed by the Escrow Protocol’s funding method and decided to advise them in order to help them build the new world standard of ICO and crowdfunding platforms. They believed that they could introduce Butterfly’s use of NFTs in order to identify investors inside Escrow’s platform and decided to initiate a long-lasting partnership between Escrow and Butterfly.



Escrow Protocol

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