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2 min readNov 11, 2021



The first release of features [User Registration & Staking]

We are proud to announce the first release of the Escrow Protocol Platform.
It has been an incredible time over the the past months to bring this project from idea to reality with the help of our wonderful community!

We are excited to bring to you the first features to utilize.

The Team is lead by Escrow Protocol’s CTO Guiallaume Provent and currently consisting of an UI/UX Expert and 4 Senior Blockchain developers including TopTals #2 rated Top Talent “Isa”. We can look forward to additional features being released on a bi-weekly basis.

Our main focus is put on the development of core features like the Milestone mapping of the value proposition, the chat feature and of course creating an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Over the past weeks, the Team has been working hard to bring us the first usable features of the platform and giving us a chance to put ESCROW tokens to work.

A Dashboard (which will be fully released at a later date then the upcoming release on early November ’21) gives users oversight of investments, yield-farming profits, Chat access and a Social Reputation Score.

After release, the ESCROW Tokens on Binance Smart Chain can be staked 100% on the platform. Various time spans can be selected with up to 150% APY on a full 1 year lock.

Part of the upcoming release will be a Sales Dashboard where you can fund your account and purchase ESCROW directly from the platform and deposit into the staking pool.


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Escrow Protocol

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