Escrow partners with Latitude Blockchain Services as long-term core advisors, consolidating further success.

About Latitude:

Latitude is a Blockchain Advising Company with over 4 years of leading experience in the industry. Their vision is to provide an all-in-one, full-scale services to aid crypto start-ups in structuring their path to success. Amongst their services, they include, for example; Consultation for optimal business development, Global Community Expansions, Connection with Venture Capitals, Exchange Listings, and Influencer Marketing. The Escrow Protocol will obtain benefits from all of these.

Escrow’s new advisors have worked with many successful projects including but not limited to Celsius, Stack OS, Harmony, AuBit


The Escrow Protocol, a decentralized multichain accelerator and (crowd)funding platform with an innovative fund-release program, decided to contact Latitude in their pursuit of perfection. The Team decided that they were the correct company in order to guide Escrow Down via the road of success and build a full DAO inside of the DeFi ecosystem.

It was then when they decided that Escrow’s Whitepaper and tokenomics should be changed in order for Escrow to be a long-lasting project built inside of the near-zero cost fee Polygon Network. These new changes will attract new Venture Capitalists to Escrow as well as retail investors and interested community members.

A Partnership built upon Collaboration:

Corey Billington and Josh Meier will be the experts who will be in close contact with The Escrow Team in order to advise them on the everyday tasks of the project; such as creating a well-built governance system to increase trust between investors and the projects. They will also make sure to introduce the right people to The Team in order to create important connections.


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Escrow Protocol

Escrow Protocol


Decentralized Trust Fund with Controlled Payout Release Functions via Smart-Contracts