Escrow migrates to Polygon on a mission of true Decentralization .

In the pursue of a Community Governed, true DAO platform, and a chain with lower fees and faster transaction speeds, The Escrow Team decided to migrate their token from the Binance Smart Chain to the Polygon chain.

Polygon (formerly known as the Matic Network) is a Layer-2 solution on the Ethereum network. It provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions using sidechains. The Escrow Protocol Platform can leverage the Polygon network for its fast speed and low transaction cost.

The Team wants to optimally facilitate transactions in Escrow and make it easier for the community to buy, send and use tokens Escrow’s future launchpad. Polygon offers excellent transaction fees and fast speeds; all within a strong decentralized network based in the Ethereum blockchain, which has proven to work perfectly and flawlessly over the years. Scalability was also a crucial factor in developers’ decisions, and Polygons’ is and will continue to be the best in the game.

The Escrow Platform will be built on the Polygon Blockchain; but operate as a multi-chain platform, meaning the operatability . The Escrow token in Polygon will be easier to integrate with the platform too.

Lastly, due to the huge amounts of scam coins that exist inside of the BSC network; the team did not want Escrow to be mixed between these coins, and believed that it would be very hard for the project to rise in value and grow a healthy community.

You can check the Contract Address here. Escrow Developers decided to mint 500 million tokens instead of 1 billion; which means that tokens are now twice as valuable!



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Escrow Protocol

Decentralized Trust Fund with Controlled Payout Release Functions via Smart-Contracts